• Currently the pool efficiency is % compared to the whole network. Seems we have a couple of good days then a few long blocks spoil it, in the long run it averages out
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    Pool Variance

    The pool's average variance/efficiency means on average it is finding each block in % of the estimated time. This is calculated by comparing the hashes required to find each block with the network difficulty for that block (difficulty is the number of hashes it should take to find the block, on average). We take the average over the last 100 blocks in order to calculate the current "pool variance", which shows how we are performing against the network as a whole.

    Whilst the variance for each block can be considered as a "luck factor", over time good/bad luck averages out and other factors will have more effect. Pool downtime will not be a factor as no hashes are being logged, but if there are performance issues with the daemon it can result in blocks being "missed", which will lower efficiency.

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    See the official Getting Started guide at MoneroCC

    Looking for a Windows GUI wallet? Have a look at our guide to MoneroClient by Jojatekok

    How to get mining

  • You can find all the download links in the opening post of the XMR BTCtalk thread . If you have any problems then try searching the thread first, then you if you are still stuck please ask us in IRC chat or send an email.
  • Remember that Monero is not a Bitcoin clone, even if you are an expert miner take care to learn the basics!
  • First you need to get yourself a wallet address - you cannot mine to an exchange address, you will lose your coins
    1. Install Bitmonerod and download an up to date copy of blockchain.bin to reduce the time it takes to sync
    2. Bitmonerod is still under development, be aware that it needs approx 2GB of drive storage and it can use a lot of Internet bandwidth - if you have a restricted connection make sure UPnP is disabled on your router
    3. Once you have the Monero blockchain synchronised you can install and run SimpleWallet to generate your address for mining
    4. The anonymous technology behind Monero, Cryptonote, means you cant see the balance of any address from the blockchain, your SimpleWallet has to scan the blockchain for transactions matching your private keys, so bitmonerod has to be running to get an up to date balance
  • Next you need to find a suitable miner for your system, remember that you can CPU and GPU mine on the same PC for extra hash!
  • Start your miner and you should start seeing messages like "Share Accepted" - enter your wallet address on our Home page and you will see you hashes are being recorded!
  • Several exchanges now trade XMR, but remember to use the payment ID when transferring your coins to them. If you are not sure you are doing it right then send a small amount first to test!
  • Although there are several ways your XMR can go missing for a while, its actually quite hard to lose them completely, so dont despair and ask for help - you should be able to recover your coins :)
  • Payout system

  • The pool uses the new min balance payout system in order to reduce "dust" outputs, which made it harder for miners to transfer XMR
  • After the pool finds a block it requires 60 more blocks in order to be confirmed - on the "Pool Blocks" list it will turn green
  • Once confirmed the reward will be split between miners proportional to the hashes they contributed and your pending balance will increase
  • Payouts are then made in units of 0.1XMR, with any remainder held in the pending balance.
  • Chat Room

    Refresh your browser if the chat windows does not appear


    Email pool support at Or use the IRC client above to contact @CryptoNotePoolUK in the #monero channel

    News & Events

    28th September
    Patched pool code to prevent bad miners exploiting share submission with work they haven't done!
    25th September
    Pool daemons have been updated a couple of times in last 24hrs, as the dev team implement additional network protection.
    4th September
    XMR network attack caused fork, pool updated and back in sync
    25th August
    Mandatory daemon update to to prevent blockchain spam attack.
    22nd July
    We were featured in the Monero Missive thanks to our current dev donation promise!
    14th July 23:00 UTC
    Fee change - remains at 1% but all proceeds will be donated to XMR dev fund, 0.05% still goes to Zone117x for pool code development, nothing to pool admins
    12th July 07:00 UTC
    Added user guide for Jojatekok's new Windows MoneroClient GUI wallet on Info page
    7th July 22:00 UTC
    Additional CPU cores added to main server to increase connection capacity
    30th June 02:00UTC
    Pool and block variance stats added to the website to show how the pool is performing compared to the network. For more details see the Info page.
    28th June 22:00UTC
    Front end website updated with additional information and new colour scheme!
    27th June 05:00UTC
    Major UpdateCryptoNotePoolUK has now been updated to pool version 0.98.4, as well as an updated bitmonerod daemon and wallet. See the Info page for details of new payouts system
    25th June 09:00UTC
    Pool has exceeded 500KH/sec for the first time! We've had a number of miners join from other pools which have proved less reliable, we welcome them and promise to keep on providing the same levels of service and support.
    22nd June
    Shared our hack for fixing the never ending block problem - https://github.com/zone117x/node-cryptonote-pool/issues/25 - Zone117x then resolved with much more elegant fix
    12th June
    Pool has been patched with "anti-orphan fix" and the never ending block issue has been resolved, it's now officially live!
    9th June
    Have added 15KH/sec of AWS miners to test core pool fixes and hopefully find non-orphan block
    5th June
    Pool is opened to the Internet for Beta testing, miners welcome at their own risk until we have fixed bugs :)

    Alternative Mining Pools

    If you are using Claymore or Yam miners you can configure backup pools so you dont waste any hash if we have to restart for an update or anything

    Alternative XMR pools

    PoolHashrateLast blockRound HashesWorkersFeePool
    minexmr.comGo to pool
    cryptonotepool.org.ukGo to pool
    hashinvest.netGo to pool
    extremehash.com ? Go to pool
    moneropool.comGo to pool
    kippo.euGo to pool
    extremepool.orgGo to pool
    monero.crypto-pool.frGo to pool
    cryptograben.comGo to pool
    poolto.beGo to pool
    xmr.farmGo to pool
    moneropool.ruGo to pool

    Your pool not listed? email cryptonotepool@gmail.com